Soft and sustainable – it's that simple.

Pajamas, bibs, and more that are as comfy as they are eco-friendly.


Take Care with Peanuts

In partnership with Brightly, our newest collection features Snoopy and the gang, for the whole family.

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How we're different

Super-soft eco fabric

Modal fabric crafted from beech trees is cloud soft and keeps you cool in the summer, warm in winter

Reduces waste

We utilize 100% compostable packaging and recycled components in all of our items

Kind to the planet

From our ethical supply chain to our 1-item-plants-1-tree program, Kindthing cares

The MVP of Mealtime
Our long-sleeve bibs protect PJs from messy situations, all while saving 6 water bottles (and your sanity.)
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Kindthing is more than just pajamas.

We're proud to offer a product that not only feels good to wear, but also does good for the planet. Later this year, we're launching a take-back and swap it program to further reduce waste. Don't miss a thing, join us!